Hyundai Design

Back in 1990 we established a Global Design Center in Fountain Valley, California. It was a deliberate move to ensure those leading Hyundai design into the future were close to, and influenced by, the leading edge of technological design. The Center was orientated to global trends - drawing inspiration from major cities and organisations in the US, Europe, Japan, China and India. It was later joined by a European design headquarters in Rüsselsheim, right at the heart of the European automotive industry in Germany.

It worked. Today, Hyundai automotive design is some of the most creative and admired in the world. Here’s how we go about it:

Design planning

Local trends and consumer lifestyles from around the world are studied, helping to inspire original images and concepts.

Sketching and rendering

If a concept stands out, the idea takes more solid form through sketching and rendering.


Scale model

After rendering, a design is selected and a 3D clay model is made to scale and assessed for further development. 

Computer modeling

The design is recreated via a computer-generated 3D image. This can then be easily manipulated to assess design and aerodynamics.

Full-sized model

A 5-axis CNC milling machine creates a life-size model of the car which is then completed by the artistic and precise hands of modelers.

Emotional and colour design

Fresh design and use of materials play a big part in how we feel about a vehicle. At this stage, innovative materials, designs and colours are evaluated to bring the vehicle to life.