Hyundai Insurance


As part of the Hyundai ownership experience we offer Hyundai insurance cover, exclusive to our owners. There are a number of benefits of this policy, that we're confident you won't find with any other.

Immediate Cover

 You are covered from the moment you take the keys of your new Hyundai, and we're there for you whether you've purchased your new Hyundai for private use, for your business or as part of a larger fleet.

Cover For All

All new Hyundai vehicles registered in New Zealand are eligible for cover, and any used vehicle as well up to 10 years old, including imports*. You can let anyone you want that has a current New Zealand driver's license drive your car and they will be automatically covered*.

Premium discount for over 25. If you wish to exclude drivers under 25 from cover you'll receive a premium discount.

Careful Repair or Total Replacement

If your Hyundai becomes damaged beyond repair, and it's within its factory warranty period (3 years/100,000 kms), and was purchased from Hyundai in New Zealand, we'll replace it with a brand new one*.

Only guaranteed genuine Hyundai parts will be used in repairing your vehicle** and only trained Hyundai technicians will be working on it.

Only repairers known and approved by Hyundai will be allowed to work on your vehicle.


A Few Added Extras

There are many more exclusive benefits of Hyundai Insurance, including full glass cover with no excess payable, protection against uninsured motorists, protection against lost or stolen keys, additional trailer cover and a 24-hour emergency assistance number on 0800 123 266*.For more information on these and many more benefits of Hyundai Insurance, please call us on 0800 HYUNDAI (498 632).

 * Terms and conditions apply, see your local Hyundai dealer. ** Applies to new vehicles for five years.